We are a small family owned farm located 30 miles northwest of Syracuse, NY. It is our mission to use the soil, water and sun’s energy to provide our local customers with healthy, high quality Certified Organic produce. Even though we are Certified Organic, we believe that the most important inspector of your food and the way it is raised is YOU. We invite you to make an appointment to come visit us. Thank you for supporting our farm and farms like it! OUR FULL STORY

Directions to Wyllie Fox Farm 

Why Organic?

The Requirements of A Good Farmer are at least four:
– The ability to make a full and comfortable living from the land;
– To rear a family carefully and well;
– To be of good service to the community;
– To leave the farm more productive than it was when he took it.
L.H. Bailey

We believe that the quality of food we consume has a direct effect on our own health and that the way we farm has a direct effect on the health of our community.

We practice sustainable and natural farming methods, and we have signed the NOFA Farmer’s Pledge. We believe that our customers are the most important inspectors of our farm. We invite you to make an appointment to come and visit us!